About Us

Cloud Now exclusively supports Microsoft Cloud Business Solutions, including Dynamics 365 and other related applications.

An independent CRM and CX consultancy we are founded by former Microsoft and KPMG employees and our expertise lies in enterprise collaboration software/services, including Dynamics 365, Azure and Power BI. We also specialise in consultancy, collaborations, and cloud services.

We will ensure you have the correct CRM system for you and your business, placing CX – and the customer experience – at the forefront of your thinking as you adopt and adapt to new ways of working.

Through our years of experience, we have recognised that are proven to be flexible, reliable and cost-effective – time and time again.

But, remember, if we don’t think they’re the right fit for your business, we will help you find the CRM software that is.

People Love CloudNow

  • As our company has grown, the CRM solution has helped us to be more efficient with regards to our customer interactions and lead generation. Cloud Now Technology helped us to implement our specific work processes into the easy to use CRM environment. They were responsive to our requests and ensured that things ran smoothly throughout the process. By implementing CRM, it has helped us to work quicker and more productive as everything is more structured and organised.

    Beechbrook Capital
  • Cloud Now quickly demonstrated their expertise by providing a creative solution to what was a complex issue. They have solid understanding of the Dynamics 365 Product spanning front end user experience, server technologies and coding practices.

    Sug Sahadevan
    Managing Director, Testhouse