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It couldn’t be easier to launch your Dynamics 365 practice

At CloudNow Technology, we strive to ensure that you deliver perfect CRM Solutions to your customer life in a quick, and painless manner. Every business is different. There is much room between a one-size-fits-all approach and a full custom deployment. In essence, Dynamics 365 would be considered a one-size-fits-all solution, but in reality it does not fit many customers particularly well.

Cloud Now Technology believes in formulating ever-lasting association with its partners by helping them thrive in their businesses. Our primary aim is to attract more & more customers for our partners and persuade them to convert on Dynamic 365, by highlighting its value-adding benefits and features after they renew their subscription. In order to achieve our aim, we empower the strengths and confidence of our partners by entailing specific training & tips that enable them to provide effective CRM to their customers in the best possible ways.


Our Approach

1. We can’t risk a failure with our customers

Solution = Standard model reduces risk

Your customers entrust your recommended products and services. They expect effective outcomes that are both risk-free as well as customer-friendly. The best way to keep their trust is to avoid high risk deployments of complex products which you do not support, hence we offer CRM services which are exclusively designed and deployed by experts for our partners and suitably meet the criterion of low risk model.


2. We don’t know how to sell CRM

Solution = Simple sales process and training

It is not easy to sell complex CRM systems as they need in-depth knowledge of relating business process and comprehensive know-how of Dynamics 365 Solution. Hence, we brought relatively easy-to-deliver CRM solutions.  In addition, we provide them related sales tools that facilitate their understanding of CRM in more expeditious and comfortable ways.


3. We don’t know how to deploy CRM

Solution = Backed by a leading CRM Partner

In all, there are very few partners who are proficient in completely deploying Dynamics 365. Interestingly, developers of Rapidstart CRM are amongst the list of few partners. Then, there is Forceworks, which is known as a leading Dynamics 365 partner and have attained the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2014. But, as per the statistical reviews, Forceoworks fall right behind RapidStart CRM.

4. We don’t know how to price CRM

Solution = Fixed scope and fixed pricing

Customers are often keen to know about the price of the product and are indecisive about their choices. Additionally, they seldom share their budget which leaves partners with ambiguity. Hence, the most apt way to please them and gain their attention would be to understand their needs and offer them what they actually need or understand, especially when it comes to fixing the price of your CRM.

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